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They turned their telescopes towards other nearby galaxies → Ils dirigèhire leurs télescopes vers d'autres galaxies proches.

fig uses the sight of everything food items pretty turned my tummy → beim Anblick des vielen Essens drehte sich mir regelrecht der Magen um; with no turning a hair → ohne mit der Wimper zu zucken; good results has turned his head → der Erfolg ist ihm zu Kopf gestiegen; she appears to have turned his head → sie scheint ihm den Kopf verdreht zu haben; she will continue to convert several heads → die Leute schauen sich immer noch nach ihr um; to turn a person’s hand to some thing → sich an etw (dat) → versuchen; she turned her hand to cooking → sie versuchte sich im Kochen; he can turn his hand to just about anything → er kann alles, er ist sehr geschickt ? corner

= assault Brit inf he experienced among his (funny) turns very last night time → er hatte letzte Nacht wieder einen Anfall

a. To change the posture of so that the underside will become the upper side: flip the steak; transform a website page.

alter - go through a adjust; turn out to be distinct in essence; dropping a single's or its primary nature; "She changed completely as she grew older"; "The weather conditions transformed very last evening"

suitable - a switch towards the side of the body that is over the south when the person is facing east; "have a suitable within the corner"

split - crack; with the male voice in puberty; "his voice is breaking--he must no more sing inside the choir"

Whirl applies to rapid or forceful revolution or rotation: During the blizzard, snowflakes whirled down within the sky.

transfer, displace - cause to move or change right into a new place or place, equally inside of a concrete and in an abstract sense; "Transfer All those packing containers in to the corner, remember to"; "I'm relocating my dollars to a different bank"; "The director moved extra responsibilities onto his new assistant"

an area wherever a convert is manufactured. the turning-position inside the race; a turning-issue in his lifetime. keerpunt نُقْطَة تَحَوُّل повратна точка momento crítico / ponto de retorno zatáčka; zvrat, obrat der Wendepunkt vendepunkt καμπή punto decisivo, coyuntura crítica pöördekoht پیچ؛ نقطه عطف käännekohta tournant, minute décisif נקודת מפנה मोड़, संक्रान्तिकाल, युग-संधि prekretnica fordulópont titik balik tímamót svolta, 転機 방향 전환점 persilaužimas, posūkis pagrieziena punkts titik perubahan keerpuntvendepunkt punkt zwrotny تاوو، د عطف ټکی momento crítico minute decisiv поворотный пункт obrat, kritický bod; zlom prelomnica skretanje vändpunkt จุดวิกฤติ dönüm noktası 轉折點,轉戾點 поворотний пункт نقطۂ انقلاب bước ngoặt 转折点

It is a dynamic listing and may by no means have the opportunity to satisfy certain standards for completeness. You can help by expanding it with reliably sourced entries.

switch - go into a condition slowly, tackle a specific house or attribute; come to be; "The weather conditions turned nasty"; "She grew indignant"

backtrack, double back again, turn back - retrace a single's training course; "The hikers acquired right into a storm and experienced to show again"

2. to state anything when It's not your house to mention it or some thing you should not have explained. die verkeerde ding sê يقول شَيئاً في غَيْر مَحَلِّه أو وقْتِه говоря не на мястото си falar fora da vez / interromper / interceder mluvit mimo pořadvertisementí dazwischenreden sige noget i utide; sige noget uklogt μου ξεφεύγει κτ. που δε θα 'πρεπε hablar fuera de lugar vales kohas või vale asja rääkimine بیجا حرف زدن puhua ohi suunsa parler à tort et à travers לְדַבֵּר בַּזמָן הַלא נָכוֹן बिना पारी के बोलना izlanuti, zaletiti se olyat szól, amit nem kellett volna bicara tidak pada tempatnya (parlare a sproposito) 軽率なことをいう、時をわきまえずにいう 경솔한 말을 하다 išsišokti izteikties nevietā mengatakan sesuatu yg tdk kena pd tmptnya zijn mond voorbij pratensnakke i utide powiedzieć coś nie w porę بیځایه خبری کول не к месту prerieknuť sa govoriti ob nepravem času; povedati, kar view ne bi smel govoriti preko reda tala i otid, uttala sig taktlöst พูดไม่ดูกาลเทศะ düşünmeden konuşmak 魯莽的插話 говорити невпору, не до речі جب بولنے کا وقت نہ ہو اس وقت بولنا nói những điều không nên nói 鲁莽的插话

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